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New William Still Republications

The Lord has raised up certain men to leave an indelible mark on future ministers of the Gospel. One such man was the Rev. William Still. The lives of some of the most influential pastors and theologians (e.g. Sinclair Ferguson, Phil Ryken, Ian Hamilton, etc.) were impacted by the life and ministry of Rev. Still. I have greatly benefited from listening to his sermons and reading his writings; and, and glad to see that Christian Focus has recently reprinted two of his more more well known works, Toward Spiritual Maturity and  Work of the Pastor. Work of the Pastor is a must read for every minister, and Toward Spiritual Maturity ought to be read by every Christian. The first three chapters of Toward Spiritual Maturity--which cover the three dimensions of the cross--are exceedingly helpful for Christian growth. On top of the many other benefits that will be gained from reading these works, these particular editions look nice (i.w. the covers, paper, and font). Christian Focus has done a great service in making these volumes available again. These would be wonderful Christmas gifts for family or friends.

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