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More Westminster Standards Resources

Recently we at the Christ the Center internet audio program over at Reformed Forum interviewed the Rev. Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn about his involvement in the Westminster Assembly project.  The WAP is a boon to us for the historical and theological understanding of the WS.  We look forward to the publication in the near future of the minutes of the assembly under Dr. Van Dixhoorn's capable editorship.  Also coming from the WAP team is the recent publication of John Bower's critical edition of the Westminster Larger Catechism which can be obtained here.  While the Westminster Shorter Catechism is by far the favorite learning tool in our circles, I hasten to encourage our readers to work your way through the Larger Catechism for your own spiritual edification.  If you are already familiar with the WSC, then the WLC will not feel strange.  The WLC offers not only more questions than the WSC but it offers more detailed answers to the questions it has in common with the WSC.  The WLC is not an afterthought.  As Dr. Van Dixhoorn noted in our interview with him, the WLC is the maturest expression of the assembly's theology.  How could you not want to soak up such a wealth of theological and spiritual nourishment?  We want to thank Reformation Heritage Books for bringing this to the Christian public.

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