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Ligonier Theological Study Guides


About two years ago, the editorial team at Ligonier began writing a series of theological study guides on numerous subjects and themes. Some of those guides are now available online. More will be released in the near future. Each study guide provides a short systematic theological treatment, in keeping with a Reformed theological approach, of a particular subject–together with links embedded to other Ligonier material on various related subjects, and quotations from pertinent theologians. Here is a list of some of the study guides that are available online (this list will be updated as new study guides are added to the Ligonier website): 


Church and Ministry

Spiritual Gifts

Theological Controversies

Practical Contoversies

The Sabbath


General Theology

Biblical Studies

General Biblical Studies

Old Testament Studies

New Testament Studies

Reformed Theology

Covenant Theology





Common Grace


Eras and Movements

Geographical Perspectives

Evangelism and Missions


Christian Character

Life Issues

Anxiety and Worry

Money and Stewardship