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John Gerstner Lectures

If you've never listened to the later Dr. John H. Gerstner you are neglecting a benefit for your soul from one of God's wonderful gifts to the church. Dr. Gerstner (1914-1996) was "Professor of Church History at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Knox Theological Seminary. He was an authority on the life and theology of Jonathan Edwards. Gerstner counted among his students R.C. Sproul and wrote several books, including Primitive Theology." The principle work for which he is remembered is The Rational Biblical Theology of Jonathan Edwards. You can read a short memorial of his life and work here. You can read two of Dr. Gerstner's articles over at Lionier's website. The first is "God's Providence: a Two Edged Sword (Part 3)," and the second "True and False Assurance." Ligonier has also posted several of Dr. Gerstner's audio lecture series:
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith with Dr. John Gerstner

    The Westminster Confession of Faith has, for hundreds of years, served as the doctrinal foundation of the Reformed churches. In this series, Dr. John Gerstner focuses his lifetime of scholarship on a comprehensive treatment of the meaning and application of …Read More
  • Handout Church History with Dr. John Gerstner

    Dr. John H. Gerstner examines the twists and turns of church history, addressing major theological developments along the way. He demonstrates how God has been at work in each stage of church history and explains that Christians today can be …Read More
  • Silencing the Devil with Various Teachers

    “We cannot know that God exists,” is something you thought would never be uttered from the mouth of Dr.R.C. Sproul. In this series, this statement, along with other assertions, are made by Dr. Sproul defying the possibility of …Read More
  • Leadership with Dr. John Gerstner

    Like the apostle Peter, we all run the risk of overestimating our loyalty to Christ in a way that makes us especially vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. For Christian leaders especially, it is easy to think that the …Read More
  • Handout Apologetics with Dr. John Gerstner

    Christian apologetics is that which deals with answering any and all critics who oppose or question the revelation of God in Christ and the Bible. This study explores a whole host of doctrines important to the church and defends them …Read More
The entirety of the Gerstner audio that Ligonier has made available can be found here. You can also find many of his PCRT conference talks can be found below: Man the Sinner, Man the Saint The Atonement and the Purposes of God Justification by Faith Reformation: The Impact of Revival Adoption: Belonging to God's Family Martin Luther: The Great Calvinist

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