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Top 10 (or 11) Volumes on the Suffering and Glory of Christ

A friend recently asked me to give what I consider to be the three most heart-stirring volumes on Christ and the Gospel. Anyone who knows me knows that it's impossible for me to stay within such small confines, so instead I want to point you to my top 10 (ok, 11!) volumes on Jesus and His sufferings. While many others could be added to this list (Please don't leave a comment telling me what books that you think I should have included. Remember, this is MY top eleven. You can, however, comment about those from which you have most benefited), the following are those from which I have most benefited:
  1. Frederick Krummacher The Suffering Savior
  2. Isaac Ambrose Looking Unto Jesus
  3. John Owen The Glory of Christ
  4. R.A. Finlayson The Cross in the Experience of our Lord (new copies will be available May 2013)
  5. Frederick Leahy The Cross He Bore
  6. Hugh Martin The Shadow of Calvary
  7. Martyn Lloyd-Jones The Cross
  8. Herman Hoeksema Man of Sorrows
  9. Sinclair Ferguson In Christ Alone
  10. William Blaikie and Robert Law Glimpses of the Inner Life of Our Lord and the Emotions of Jesus
  11. Gerard Wisse Christ's Ministry in the Christian It is a volume of theological and experiential brilliance that considers Jesus in His offices of Prophet, Priest and King in the work of man's misery, deliverance and gratitude. The chapters in this book are laid out in the following grid format:
Christ's Minstry Chart

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