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Christ: The End of the Law for Justification and Sanctification

In his sermon on John 19:30, the 19th Century Southern Presbyterian theologian, Rev. Thomas Peck, explained how Jesus is the "end of the Law" for both justification and for sanctification when he wrote:

Christ is the end of the law for legal or justifying righteousness (Rom. x. 4, where the term "end" is the noun of the verb in the text). Show how he is so. (Gal. iii. 10-13; Rom. viii. 3, 4.) Show how impossible it is rationally to account for the sufferings of Jesus upon any other supposition than that he was under the curse of the law in our stead.

Second, He is the end or completion of the law for our sanctification. (See 1 Cor. ix. 21: "Under the law to Christ;" 1 Cor. i. 30.) The law is of no use to us in our sanctification except in Jesus. We are sanctified by faith, as well as justified. Jesus is the end of the law for our sanctification, by removing its curse and making way for the access of the Spirit into our hearts. He has made the law of use to us as the rule and measure of our sanctification by giving us through his blood a "good conscience." (See 1 Tim. i. 5-8.) The folly of seeking holiness by the law without Christ and the Spirit. Both these ends of the law are represented as accomplished by Christ in the blood and water flowing together from his side. (John xix. 34, 35; 1 John v. 6.)1

1. Thomas Peck,  Miscellanies (Richmond, VA: Presbyterian Committee of Publication) vol. 3 p. 345

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