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Archibald Alexander Publications Online

Of the plethora of American theologians almost none are as interesting to study about as the Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexander. Alexander was the first professor at Princeton Seminary and a powerful evangelist and preacher. In addition to his multi-variegated ministry, he was a prolific theological writer. A fairly comprehensive list of his published works were listed in his biography, The Life of Archibald Alexander D.D. first professor in the Theological Seminary, at Princeton, New Jersey.  Many of Archibald Alexander's publications were published together here. You can buy a collection of many of his works from Logos here. Below you will find the list from the biography and links to as many of these works as are available for free at Google Books and Internet Archive: A Sermon at the opening of the General Assembly. Philadelphia, 1808. A Discourse occasioned by the burning of the Theatre in the City of Kichmond, Va., on the 26th of December, 1811. p. 129. "An Inaugural Discourse delivered at Princeton." New York, 1812. A Missionary Sermon before the General Assembly p. 149 A Brief Outline of the Evidences of the Christian Religion. Princeton, 1825. 12mo. The Canon of the Old and New Testaments ascertained; or the Bible complete without the Apocrypha and Unwritten Traditions. 12 mo. "A Sermon to Young Men, preached in the Chapel of Nassau Hall," the College of New Jersey. 1826. p. 180 Suggestions in Vindication of Sunday Schools. Philadelphia, 1829. "Growth in Grace." Two Sermons in the National Preacher. New- York, 1829. p. 43 "A Sermon before the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions." 1829. A Selection of Hymns, adapted to the Devotions of the Closet, the Family and the Social Circle, and containing subjects appropriate to the Monthly Concerts of Prayer for the success of Missions and Sunday Schools. New- York. 1831. (Seven hundred and forty-two hymns.) "The Pastoral Office. A Sermon preached in Philadelphia, before the Association of the Alumni of the Theological Seminary at Princeton," May 21, 1834. Philadelphia, 1834. pp. 30. The Lives of the Patriarchs. American Sunday School Union. 1835. 18mo. pp. 168. History of Israel. 12mo. "The House of God Desirable." A Sermon in the Presbyterian Preacher. 1835. "The People of God led in Unknown Ways." A Sermon preached May 29, 1842, in the First Presbyterian Church, Richmond. 1842. "An Address delivered before the Alumni Association of Washington College, Pa.," on Commencement Day, June 29, 1843. Lexington, 1843. Biographical Sketches of the Founder and Principal Alumni of the Log College ; together with an Account of the Revivals of Religion under their Ministry. Princeton, 1845. 12mo. pp. 369. A History of Colonization on the Western Coast of Africa. Philadelphia, 1846. 8vo. pp. 603. A History of the Iraelitish Nation, from their origin to their dispersion at the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. Philadelphia, 1852. 8vo. pp. 620. Outlines of Moral Science. New- York, 1852. 12mo. pp. 272. Introduction to Matthew Henry's Commentary. Introduction to Works of the Rev. William Jay. Introduction to Dr. Waterbury's Advice to a Young Christian.   Presbyterian Board of Publication Books and Tracts: Practical Sermons; to be read in Families and Social Meetings. 8vo. Letters to the Aged. 18mo. Counsels of the Aged to the Young. 18mo. Universalism False and Unscriptural. 18mo. A Brief Compend of Bible Truth. 12mo. Divine Guidance ; or the People of God led in Unknown Ways. 32mo. Thoughts on Religious Experience. 12mo. The Life of the Rev. Richard Baxter. (An abridgment.) 18mo. The Life of Andrew Melville. (An abridgment.) 18mo. The Life of John Knox, the Scottish Reformer. (An abridgment.) 18mo. The Way of Salvation, familiarly explained in a Conversation between a Father and his Children. 32mo. The Duty of Catechetical Instruction. A Treatise on Justification by Faith. "Christ's Gracious Invitation to the Weary and Heavy laden." Ruth the Moabitess. Love to an Unseen Saviour. Letters to the Aged. A Dialogue between a Presbyterian and a Friend (Quaker) The Amiable Youth falling short of Heaven The Importance of Salvation Future Punishment Endless Justification by Faith Sinners Welcome to Jesus Christ   American Tract Society Tracts: The Day of Judgment The Misery of the Lost

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