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7 Years of the 9Marks Journal

Mark Dever and the Staff at 9Marks has been publishing materials for the well-being of the church. In addition to all the audio and video resources you will find at the 9Marks site--as well as the multitude of interviews that Mark has done with other theologians--for the past seven years the staff has been publishing an online journal which deals with various aspects of ministry. The unique thing about the journal is that it deals specifically with matters concerning the health of a local church. Confronting dangers and imbalances in the local church, and encouraging thoughtful and faithful pastoral and deaconal ministry, the journal provides articles to strengthen the life of the church in the world. Below is a list--with a PDF link--for all the journals that have been published from September 2006-December 2012: The Emerging Church (September 2006) The Church's Mission (October 2006) Biblical Theology (November-December 2006) Hospitality and Friendship (January 2007) Elders - Part 1 (February 2007) Elders - Part 2 (March-April 2007) Preaching (May-June 2007) The Gospel (July-August 2007) Race and Ethnicity (September-October 2007) Church and Culture (November-December 2007) Corporate Prayer (January-February 2008) Cooperation (March-April 2008) Living as a Church (May-June 2008) Marriage and Pastor's Wives (July-August 2008) Family and Parenting (September-October 2008) Counseling in the Church (November-December 2008) Raising Up the Next Generation of Pastors (January-February 2009) Young Pastors (March-April 2009) Multi-Site Churches (May-June 2009) Missions (July-August 2009) Church Discipline - Part 1 (September-October 2009) Church Discipline - Part 2 (November-December 2009) A New Evangelical Liberalism (January-February 2010) Deacons(May-June 2010) Pastoring Women (July-August 2010) Hell: Remembering the Awful Reality (September-October 2010) Book Reviews on Mission of the Church (November-December 2010) Pastoral Moves (January-February 2011) Church and Parachurch - Friends or Foes? (March-April 2011) Church Membership - Holding the Body Together (May-June 2011) The Pastor and His Staff - Part 1 (July-August 2011) The Pastor and His Staff - Part 2 (September-October 2011) Revitalization - Why We Must Reclaim Dying Churches and How (November-December 2011) Don't Be Too Cool for Sunday School (January-February 2012) The Underestimated Doctrine of Conversion (March-April 2012) Wanted: Apostolic Pastors (May-June 2012) Mercy Ministry in the Church (July-August 2012) Discipling in the Church (September-October 2012) Lay Elders (November-December 2012)      

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