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Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics: Herman of Damascus

The inability to know God’s essence is not a puzzle to be solved. It is instead the motive of worship and adoration. Bavinck saw the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness attempting to find God without the aid of sense-mediated signs and signifiers. For them the result was agnosticism steeped in a rejection of all metaphysical inquiry. So how does a dogm...

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John Piper on Abortion and Eugenics


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Thoughts on Sermon Preparation

I have frequently heard men express reservations about listening to other men's sermons on a particular passage upon which they are preparing to preach. While I understand the desire to do one's own work and to wrestle with the text before God, I find it hard to believe that the same individuals would not read commentaries or written sermons on the passage they will preach...

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The Growing and Living Church

Here is the audio from the last Sunday morning worship service at New Covenant Presbyterian Church. The text was Acts 2:40-47 and the title was "The Growing and Living Church."...

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Everyone In Christ Will Be Married Forever!

If you are in Christ Jesus, by grace through faith, you will be married forever. And Jesus will be married too. He will not remain single forever. Jonathan Edwards wrote: The end [goal] of the creation of God was to provide a spouse for His Son Jesus Christ that might enjoy Him and on whom He might pour forth His love. And the end of all things in providence are to mak...

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Crushing Idols, the Brook Kidron and the Cross of Christ

There is an interesting and important representation that runs through the Old Testament, concerning the process by which idols were removed from God's people. Israel's history was marked with idolatry. From the moment they were redeemed out of Egypt, Israel worshiped other gods. Standing at the foot of Mount Sinai, where they were to wait for God's Law, Israel made a gold...

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Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics: Where There’s a Will

Last week Bavinck led us onto the negative path to knowing God. Even in the modern age, John Lloyd has humorously noted that we can’t see anything that matters. We know little about the world and we know even less about God. In Bavinck’s day the doctrine of God’s incomprehensibility tended to agnosticism (Hegel) or a theology equal to anthropology (Fi...

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Thomas Sowell and the Intellectuals

I really like Thomas Sowell. He is not a Christian. I wish he was. He does not use the Bible as the basis for his logically consistent ethical argument; but he has a great mind and a great sense of the inconsistency of the liberal worldview. He is a prolific writer and outstanding economist. His book Marxism: Philosophy and Economics is extremely helpful, as is his Quest f...

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New Book on the Atonement

My good friend Gabriel Fluhrer has recently finished editing a series of lectures given by J.I. Packer, James Boice, R.C. Sproul, John Gerstner, Sinclair Ferguson, John R. Dewitt and Alistair Begg on the atonement. You can order a copy here. I am sure this will be a very beneficial volume for anyone wanting to grow deeper in their knowledge of the Gospel....

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Hear These Words (Acts 2:14-39)

Below is the video from the Sunday Morning worship service at New Covenant Presbyterian Church. The text was Acts 2:14-39 and the title is "Hear These Words." Keep Reading