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Q & A on Israel and the Church

Since it has somehow become uncool to use the word catechism, and cool to call it Q A, I will direct you to Ryan McGraw's Q A on Israel and the church. This is a very helpful way to understand the Bible's teaching on this difficult, but important subject. By the way, Q A times are great ways to teach your kids about Christ. You can find it here....

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Sinclair Ferguson den Dulk Lectures

The audio for Westminster Seminary California's den Dulk lectures is now available online. Dr. Sinclair Ferguson gave three lectures under the title “Not ourselves, but Jesus Christ . . . with ourselves: The Heartbeat of Gospel Ministry.†You can listen to or download them below: The Pastor and His Heart The Pastor and His Type The Pastor and His Preaching...

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Sean Lucas on the Importance of Protestant Confessionalism

Sean Lucas has a post over at Reformation 21 in which he explains the importance of embracing "biblical authority and its necessary hand-maiden, confessionalism."...

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Jeff Waddington on Daniel's Model Prayer

Here is a recent sermon Jeff Waddington preached at Calvary OPC in Ringoes, NJ. The text was Daniel 9:1-19 and the title was "Daniel's Model Prayer."...

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Christ the Center Discusses the Historicity of Adam

The panel of Christ the Center recently picked up the discussion, begun on Feeding on Christ, about the historicity of Adam. You can listen here....

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Jesus, Joy Of Man's Desiring

I never knew the song by Bach many people play at weddings is about Christ! He is the joy of man's desiring. Every joy in all of man's desiring points to the greatest Joy and the Giver of both all joys and all joy-producing gifts:  Christ! Keep Reading

Can This Be Wright?

Apparently Redeemer Presbyterian Church's Center for Faith and Work is hosting N.T. Wright, on April 20th, to speak about his latest release, After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters. How is this not a tacit approval of Wright?...

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In Battle Array

The video from the Sunday morning service at New Covenant Presbyterian Church is now online. The text was Acts 4:1-22 and the title was "In Battle Array." You can listen to or download the audio here. You can watch the video below: Keep Reading

The Supreme Foolishness of the Message Preached

Roger Wagner, in his outstanding work Tongues Aflame: Learning to Preach Like the Apostles, explains the nature of the heightened opposition that ministers of the Gospel should expect, regardless of how many degrees they have. Wagner writes: When you enter the ‘marketplace of ideas’ expect to be mocked. Even if you have spent thousands of dollars and years of...

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Alfred Poirier Sermons

You can listen to a sermon series on Marriage by Alfred Poirier here. If you have never heard of Rev. Poirier you must read his outstanding booklet The Cross and Criticism....

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