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Adolph Monod: Five Discourses

Adolphe Monod's Living for the Hope of Glory has been one of the most influential Christian works I've read. Deeply affected by Monod's story as well as the spiritual mindedness with which his writings are marked, I have returned to his writings time and time again. Most of Monod's writings remain in French, though I recently discovered one that was translated into English...

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Echoes from a Geneva Pulpit: The Sermons of Calvin 500

In case you didn’t have the $6000 plus it cost to attend, you can now buy the sermons preached this past summer in 2009 from John Calvin’s pulpit from Ligonier. The Speakers include none other than my buddy Joel Beeke, and many more like; Iain Campbell, Bryan Chapell, Ted Donnelly, Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Martin Holdt, Hywel Jones,...

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New Perspective(s) on Paul Audio Resources

Ligonier Ministries has done a fine job of gathering some of the best audio critiques of the New Perspectives on Paul. You can find them all here. I especially recommend Sinclair Ferguson's lecture The New Perspective on Paul and Related Issues and Guy Waters' Christ the Center interview on N.T. Wright and the New Perspective on Paul (part 1) and (part 2)....

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10 Helpful Books on the Acts of the Apostles

As we move forward in our worship at New Covenant Presbyterian Church, I am planning on starting a sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles. This seems to be fitting with a new church. The book of Acts can be summarized as "the acts of Jesus Christ through His apostles by the Holy Spirit." It is filled with all the excitement and wonder of the dawning of the new age and t...

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What Is The Christian's Greatest Sin?

In a blog post entitled "My Biggest Sin," McKay Caston writes: You couldn’t help it, could you? This is gonna be juicy, right? Could be. Okay, let’s get to it. What is my biggest sin? Of course, most of us probably think of the Top 10 list in Exodus. “Thou Shall Not…†But we’ve all broken every one of those. No surprise there. So what...

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Murray on Sermon Introductions

David Murray has an incredibly helpful post in which he gives 10 short points of instruction on what ministers should avoid in the introduction of a sermon. If you are anything like me, you find the introduction to be one of the most useful elements of the message. It will either draw your hearers in, or turn them off, from the outset. One of my professors at seminary like...

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Christ the Center Interview with R. Scott Clark on Casper Olevianus

We recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. R. Scott Clark with regard to the life  and theology of Casper Olevianus. One of the compilers of the Heidelberg Catechism, Olevianus made significant contributions to the covenant concept in Reformed theology. Reformation Heritage books has most recently published Lyle Bierma's translation of Olevianus' Exposition of the...

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Westminster Assembly Project Press Release

Chad VanDixhoorn's diligent labors on the Westminster Assembly Project will greatly benefit the church.  Vandixhoorn, together with John Bower, has agreed to publish several important documents/books from the Westminster Assembly with Reformation Heritage Books. The publications will include: Principal Documents of the Westminster Assembly. This series will produce t...

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The Rap on Economic Philosophy


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Sinclair Ferguson on Preaching to Itching Ears

Sinclair Ferguson gave a powerful talk on 2 Timothy 3:14-4:2 at the Ligonier Ministries' 2009 Ministry Leadership Conference. The title of the message was "Thy Word is Truth."  When men do not want to hear the word of God the remedy is to preach the word of God. This was a richly instructive message. You can watch and listen to it here....

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