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On Biblical Numerology

There is a legitimate, as well as an illegitimate, approach to a biblical theology of numbers in Scripture. The  majority of those who have approached this subject have, by and large, delved into the realm of the speculative and imaginative,--perplexing or leading astray their readers. O.T. Allis, first Professor of Old Testament History and Exegesis at Westminster Theo...

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Jay Adams on Rescuing Straying Sheep

This is a 3:21 excerpt of a talk that Jay Adams gave at a NANC Conference. It is based on the last two verses of the book of James. The introduction to this message is pretty funny!...

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When the Man Comes Around

Have you ever noticed that just about every song Johnny Cash wrote with Scriptural lyrics comes from the book of Revelation? ...

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George Scipione on Drunkeness vs. Disease


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Euan Murray, Rugby and the Lord's Day

Most of you have probably not heard of Euan Murray. He's a rugby player (a real man’s sport). He’s a Scotsman. And he’s a Christian. Unlike many Christian athletes he has reversed the trend of playing sports on Sunday.  He used to, but doesn’t any more. Murray plays rugby at club level for Northampton and at international level for Scotland...

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The Puritan Exegesis Project: John Trapp on Ecclesiastes 11:6

John Trapp’s (1601 – 1669) commentaries were Spurgeon’s personal treasure. As biblical scholarship progresses the minister and serious student continue to benefit greatly from consulting Trapp’s thought, suggestions and devotional contributions.  For years I waited patiently for a set of Trapp. After finally obtaining one, my dad--equally thr...

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IPC Lord's Supper Conference

Independent Presbyterian Church, in Savannah, GA, will be hosting a conference on the Lord's Supper this Thursday, February 4th and Friday, February 5th. Dr. Hughes Oliphant Olds will give three lectures dealing with Calvin and Knox on the doctrine and administration of the Lord’s Supper as well as presentations from Terry Johnson and Ron Parrish. If you are anywher...

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Eric Alexander on the Work of the Spirit in the Book of Acts

Eric Alexander very wisely notes the foundational and temporary functions of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts: If we are to understand the New Testament's teaching on the Holy Spirit we must concentrate on the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels, and on the systematic exposition in the Epistles—rather than on the narrative in the Book of Acts. A great deal of confus...

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The Cross and the New Division

The apostle Paul was dealing with the problem of division in the church in 1 Corinthians 1. He introduces the idea of Christian unity with the words, "Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you?" This conflict sets the stage for everything that Paul goes on to write in the remainder of the chapter. Believers in Corinth were once part of the lost and perishing world, div...

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Feeling Like Christ Is All And Acting Like Christ Is All

In his book, The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis wrote: “We have a tendency to think, but not to act.  The more we feel without acting, the less we will ever be able to act, and, in the long run, the less we will be able to feel.” I have often thought and felt a lot of things while listening to sermons or while reading Bible-saturated books or while looking...

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